Ali Hijweri- Data Darbar

A great saint Ali Hujweri also knwn as Data Ganj Bakhsh when arrived in Lahore he constructed a new mosque where he resided. At that time about the direction of the mosque to kaba there was a great disagreement between the great saints and scholars. After the completion of the construction of the mosque the great saint invited all the scholars for prayer. After the prayer the great saint asked the people where is the kaba in which direction? Then all the people gathered and saw the original kaba then all the people after seeing by their own found that the great saint was right. After the death of this great saint he was buried in the same room where he used to stay and his shrine is stand in the centre of Lahore’s kila in Maghrib direction. Ghaznawi prince Sultan Ibrahim Bin Sultan Masood Ghaznawi firstly built his shrine during 429-451. Hijri and then its construction was done by different people and till now Punjab department of Aukaf, Pakistan build an outstanding mosque near the shrine and named it as Data Darbar Complex. There is beautiful calligraphy of ALLAH TALA and Muhammad P.B.U.H names on the walls of complex and also has different Quranic Ayats. There is a capacity of 50,000 people to offer prayer, there are great arrangements for everything in the mosque and very good facilities are provided there. There are different educational institutes where there is always held Islamic functions like Melad Sharif, quallis and naat functions.