Amazing Murree

Whether you’re on a business trip or anything else in Islamabad, it is customary to visit Murree before leaving. Located at about 2 hour drive from Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital is the beautiful hill station Muree.Originally made as a garrison for British soldiers in 1851, It is now the first tourist destination of the many others on the hill side of the country.

Murree is the most preferred tourist destination for locals because its quite near to the capital and to Lahore. So, a lot of people from these two countries come to Murree in the weekend or in public holidays. Some of these folks have even constructed their own houses on these mountains to avvoid the hotel fare.

A lot of schools and universities in Lahore and Islamabad also prefer Murree as a field trip for students. There are two ways to get to Murree, one is through a private car and the other is through coach. A famous coach service which you can make use of is the Daewoo.

You should visit Muree in June-July but not on weekends as the public from Islamabad and Lahore comes flooding in on weekends and the hotel fare is then extremely high. If you’re really adventurous, you can visit Murree in January or December to witness snow fall. The famous market of Murree is called ‘The Mall Road’ which is a fine place for window shopping and sometimes you might find something worth buying too.

There are expresso and ice cream cafes at every 5 min walk of this road which will bring you in the winter mood. The resturaunts at Muree are also exquisite in terms of the varieties of cuisines they offer. Near to Murree is the luxuriously built Hotel Bhurban from Pearl Continental which is open for visitors for sight seeing.

This hotel is one of the attractions of Murree, its artificially built orchards and gardens are an enchanting sight. It is home to eye catching scenery in the form of green lush mountains and valleys.



Patriata is also a fun tourist destination of Murree. Patriata is a hill station where you could enjoy sight seeing on chair lifts. There you will also find horse back riding and fine resturaunts serving traditional cuisine. Murree is also famous for mountain trekking. You will not leave Murree without a feeling of empathy of nature and its cries for decreasing of pollution in cities around the world.

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