An overview of Karachi

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and was the previous Capital of Pakistan near the Indus River on the Arabian sea. It is the provincial capital of Sindh and is the main industrial center and seaport. Karachi is a unique city in many ways. In 1725 AD the metropolitan city of Karachi was just a barren piece of land, surrounded by the blue water of Arabian sea and just a few fishermen lived on the sunny creek in a small hut. On this barren piece of land there was a pool of water named as “Kalachi-jo-Kun”. Kalachi was the name of the fisherman, and kun means a deep ditch. So, Kalachi-jo-Kun means the deep ditch of Kalachi, the fishermen. There were a few huts made up of mud are spread there and their number improved. Then there develop a village with the name “kalachi-jo-Ghote” which the passage of time became prominent.

In 1947 it was a medium sized city with small population less than 500,000 and now it grew into a population of 5 million in 1981, and now according to estimation its population has reached to 10 million. It covers an area of 3,366 sq. km and has 6 cantonment boards and  more than 18 towns.  Karachi is situated in the semi arid zone but because of marine affects the weather of Karachi is moderate throughout the year. the hottest month of the year is May and June with the temperature of 43.3 degree centigrade and January is the coldest month of the year with temperature as low as 5 degree centigrade. About 7 inches is the average annual rainfall.

97.5 percent of the population of Karachi is Muslims but small communities of Parsis, Christian and Hindus are also live there. The loud sound of Muslim in the morning call for prayer, this tradition has been passed from centuries; the people of Karachi need ALLAH’s grace and love in their life.