Ansoo jheel- one of the beautiful lakes in the world

Ansoo jheel is situated in Khaghan valley, is a high altitude lake, its altitude is 4245 meters and is considered as one of the most beautiful jheel in world. It is located in the Mahsehra Destrict of province Khyber Pukhtunkhwa of Pakistan. It is in Himalaya range and is near to Malika Pabrat. Why it is called “Ansoo Jheel” because this word describes the shape of the jheel, in urdu ansoo mean “Tears” and shape of this jheel is like a tear.

There are two different routes to reach there; one is from Saiful Mulook that is short and steeper, this track takes almost more than 8 hours. This track is covered with snow most of the time. The best time to set off for this jheel is 6 a.m in the morning. Most appropriate time is to go on this track is from 10 July to 15 August. You can also hired horses for the track with their guides from Saiful Mullok that takes you to the jheel; it will charge your 1000- 1500 PKR for horse and 1000 extra for the guide in the present time (2011). This path is also divided into two parts one and the first half are toward jheel Saiful Mulook, a valley by the side of the river. And it leads high to the Malika Parbat, and the other half is steeper that start for Malika Parbat camp and ended with Ansoo Jheel. This part is mountain climbing. It is a tough journey but still has its own charm and a good adventure.

The second track to Ansoo jheel is start from a Mahandri village, and it is 40 km south to Naran village, and it passes through Kach Gali and Manoor Gali. This track takes almost 12 hours tracking of at least three days and you have to travel a lot through the valley. It is the good chance to camp in the jungle, top of mountain and also along the rivers and in abandon towns. Ansoo jhell was discovered in 2001 and it is very beautiful that people happily covered the 8 hours tough and a dangerous track just to see the beauty of this beautiful jheel. In the center is has ice and on the side there is water which increase the beauty and charm of this jheel and give it a human eye shape.