mosque at attock

Attock is one of the cities in the province of Punjab. The city lies at the edge of province Punjab. After Attock there starts the boundary of province KPK. Next to Attock there lies the Noshehra and Peshawar. Attock itself is a district and many other small types of council are lied in there.

Attock has a very remarkable history and that is directly linked with the mughalia history.

The city is at the bank of river Indus. Attock is at the drive of almost 2 hour from Rawalpindi and almost the same from Peshawar. One of the importances of Attock is the presence of karma air base present there. There is a factory in which fighting jets are prepared, factory lies within the area of Attock and that place is known as karma cantt. The area is strictly prohibited for the local community and only the authorized persons are allowed to go in there. There is also a colony set up for the officers working in that factory.

The land of Attock mainly consists of small plateaus and open grounds. There are certain hills present there.

There are a few roads and streets which clearly show until now the remaining and statues of famous personalities of old times.

One of the important villages present in one of its tehsils is Qutbil. The village is famous for having the ancient ruins and certain sacred places for the Sikh community. In that particular village before partition of Pakistan Sikhs were found and after that they migrated to India but there few places were left.

There is present the fort of Attock at the bank of river Indus. That fort was built by the mughalia emperor Akbar. Now days that forte is under the supervision of Pakistan army.