Attraction of Karachi

Some of the best places in Karachi that must be visited these are like the attraction for tourist in Karachi.

Muhatta Palace Museum

The Mohatta Palace Museum:  Mohatta Palace Museum also displays the early history of Karachi, Sindh and the freedom struggle of a nation. In the late 1920s this museum was established by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, he was a Hindu Businessman from Marwar. It was his summer home.  It covers an area of 18, 500 sq. ft and it has similar style as stone palace in Rajistan. All the things like domes, spandrels, stone brackets and windows are decorated with floral motifs and its railing are just breathtaking. A family temple devoted to Hindu God, in the terrace of the palace lord shiva is located. This museum also exhibits the decorative and fine arts of region and Pakistan.

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum: in Karachi this Maritime also a Naval Museum is situated at the Habib Ebrahim Rehmatoola Road.  The main building of the museum is located in the park and is consist of an auditorium and 6 galleries. It has an amazing collection of an old ship, old submarines and a large on the show. The main attraction of this museum is a very impressive skeleton of a whale. In nearby there is a small souvenir shop and outdoor café.

National History Museum

National history museum at Karachi: in this zoo there are different animals from different areas of the world. These animals are kept in a very good conditions, this museum also gives you the chance to study morphological characters of these animals. Skin, horns and feathers of animals are present there.

Karachi Expo Centre

Karachi expo centre: it is located in Gulshan Town of Karachi; Karachi expo centre gives you all the advanced facilities it is consist of three independent halls and covers an area of 6690 sq.m, it is centrally air conditioned and have a capacity of 2400 cars at the same time. It has a restaurant with 250 seats, a conference or seminar area, also has an open area.


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