Ayub Park as a Picnic Spot

Named after General Ayub Khan, the start of Pakistan’s martial law managers, Ayub Park Rawalpindi may be the finest parks of Asia and among the earliest park within the city, may well be a beautiful natural park. It is a staid park that’s 2300 acres, lies at south in the Cantonment and contains yet another 900 hectares of paths, gardens and ponds (with hire watercraft). Beautiful lagoons and flow are flowing among the park.

Ayub National Park can be found beyond the old Presidency on Jhelum Road in Rawalpindi. To access Ayub Park Rawalpindi, need an airport terminal terminal-bound Suzuki from Rawalpindi and secure off at Kucheri Chowk, then come and feel right fork and travel for approximately 1km. The location of Ayub National Park is 2300 acres which is a sizable way to achieve interest for anybody of Rawalpindi. A garden gets the following sights:

A play area, including boating sport in ponds, numerous possess a have a picnic spots, shaded jogging tracks, equine and camel rides, lake with boating facility, an aquarium, an outside-restaurant plus an outdoors theater..Kids Play Area, Boating, Safari Café, Bar. B.Q restaurant and Canteen Area.

To take care of the needs of infinite groups, special events, corporate functions, Valima, marriage and mehndi receptions, Ayub National Park has reserved an exclusive lake side grassy lawn with different entry/exit area near to the Jungle. Jewel Continental Hotel Rawalpindi props up fame in the only luxurious hotel in the city. It provides visible values rose around the Rawal Plateauing dom field. The most spectacular hotels situated in Rawalpindi and lie near the Ayub National Park. Fauji Foundation provides services inside the parts of healthcare, education, educational stipends, technical and vocational training. Its location is Fauji Foundation Hq, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala Rawalpindi.So its famous park from all matters.