Ayubia- the beautiful and most visited place of Pakistan

In summer mostly people like to spend their summer holidays at some cold and goods holiday sports. Pakistan is rich with such sports where you can get relief from your busy life and can enjoy the beautiful weather and can see the beautiful natural sights. Ayubia is one of such spots; it is the most beautiful visiting place and is situated in “Abbottabad” district. Its name was after the name of president “Ayub khan” who was from “Haripur” district of Hazara, in 1948 Ayubia is announced as the “national park” most of the people prefer this area because it is full of different types of trees and mountains. Zigzag roads and chair lefts increase the charm and beauty of this area for the visitors.

There are different types of animals and monkeys in Ayubia, it is located near Murree. So, you have the chance to visit Murree and Ayubia at the same time. It is full of trees, there are different restaurants and you can get the taste of many Pakistani delicious dishes. You can stay in Murree and can visit Ayubia, it is 26 km from Murree, and in Ayubia water is very cold almost 100,000 of the visitors flock comes to the Ayubia National Park from different parts of the world.

Ayubia is very famous for the picnic spot, at the base of the chairlift there are some small hotels and rest houses where you can stay and enjoy some food, in Ayubia there are different birds like, Indian sparrow hawk, spotted dove, Himalayan griffon venture, golden eagle, honey buzzard, hill pigeon, peregrine falcon, kestrel and many other birds are found. Seven major villages surrounds the Ayubia National Park and four small towns of Nathia gali, khanspur, Thandiani and Ayubia. This park is developed as a small resort of changla gali, ghora Dhaka, khaira gali, khanspur gali in Galyat. It is controlled by the parks department of Government of Khyber Pukhtankhawa and wildlife.