Baba Farid Shakar Ganj (R.A)-pakpatan Sharif



Pakpatan is the city of the district pakpatan in sahiwal division the province of Pakistan Punjab. It is included one of the ancient city of the Pakistan. It is located near to the city sahiwal and the distance of 190 km from lahore. It has also keep its importance because of the presence of greatest and well known sufi of all times Baba Fareed Sahakr Ganj(R.A). Many urs and melas are celebrated in the city and the surrounding areas of the city such urs is of Baba fareed and Mela Chan pir are very famous. The urs of Baba Fareed attracts many thousands of people every year in Islamic month of Hijri calendar 1st  to 10th of Muharram and same in the case of mela Chan Pir held every year in the beginning of the summer. Here is the glance of urs Hazart Baba Fareed Shakar Ganj(R.a).

Sufi Baba Fareed Shakar Ganj(r.a)

The 768th birthday called urs of the saint of silsila chishtiya that is the leading saint of this silsila, Hazarat Baba Fareed Gunj Shakar (RA) celebrated recently. The ceremony was performed by Dewan Masood Chishti, Sajjada Nasheen of Dargha with the loud slogans of ‘Ya fareed’Haq fareed’.  Fireworks display on the occasion looks very marvelous which is the announcement of opening of Bahishti Darwaaza for the followers across the globe and also for the devotees of great saint. The followers could be any part from Pakistan and other countries as well.They started reaching in the city Pakpatan since the month of Zilhaj 25 and till the Muharram 10 staying there till the afternoon of the 10 Muharram. It is the last day of performing rituals of the urs with the ending ceremony of ghusal of mazaar by the Dewaans the Mazaar. The dewaans performing these and other rituals by the male members of the family including the distribution of paechaas(saffron-colored thread strips dipped In real saffron).Even considering security threats and weather is not suitable mostly, many thousands of people gathered near the Durbar and around the city. During the starting ceremony to opening the Bahashti Darwaza hundred thousands of people crossed the Darwaza at one time and first day. The Darwaza open for five days in a year only during the 15 days of urs celebration.

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