Noor Mahal

From Karachi at 889 km Bahawalpur is located; Nawab Bahawl Khan Abbasi was the founder of Bahawalpur. For more than 200 years Abbasi family ruled in Bahawalpur. The Last ruler of Nawab Family, Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, and Bahawalpur State was merged with Pakistan in 1954. Formally Bahawalpur was the capital of the state, and at present it is the Divisional and District Headquarters of Bahawalpur Division.

It is very important marketing centre in the surrounding areas and is situated on the cross roads between Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta. Local language for this area is saraiki, Urdu, English and Punjabi is also understood and spoken by most of the people. There are three major attraction of this city one and most beautiful and important one is Noor Mahal. Bahawalpur is also famous for its embroidered clothes, slippers, shoes and filigree pottery that are beautifully made in this city. In the Fawara chowk there is a marble mosque and some of the beautiful British buildings like Science College. In Bahawalpur there is a very beautiful and modern festival, there is a fine collection of medals, coins, postage stamps of former Bahawalpur state, inscription, documents, wooden carvings, historic models, camel skin paintings, and stone carving etc of pre-Islamic and Islamic period. Some other best attractive places around Bahawalpur are Cholistan desert, qIla Derawar, vingrot, marcot, Banwar and etc.

Qila Derawar

Bahawalpur is also the best attractive place from shopping point of view, people like its embroidery clothes and muqesh clothes are very famous and people from different parts of Pakistan come and shop these clothes and are famous all over the world. In Bahawalpur bazaars are very small but still people like to go there.