Pakistan is full with natural beauty and each of its provinces has blessed with natural beauty. Kyber Paktoon Khawa province also falls in the line of blessed province and balakot is the land mark in Khyber paktoon khawa. Balakot is located at the river of kunhar .Earth quake of 2005 has damage balakot on huge level and natural beauty is affected from that. Now government of Pakistan has rehabilitated the area. It is land of beautiful mountains and natural streams. It is popular hill station and tourist attraction, people from the western world comes for visit this beautiful piece of land. Balakot city has beautiful river and places that are source of attraction for the tourists. Local language is pashtoo and it is the gate way to kaghan valley. Different tribes are living in balakot awan, swati and mughals are main tribes in the area. Sikh community was wanted to take control of the area but syed family has sacrificed their lives but didn’t give the control to sikh community. Syed Ahmed Shaheed mosque balakot central was named on Syed Ahmed Shaheed, it was tribute to their sacrifice for balakot.

After the natural disaster it was reconstructed by the help of Saudi public assistance. It is now full with modern facilities like colonies, hospitals, children parks schools and dispensaries after restoration. Balakot is union council that administers smaller towns of mansehra district. Balakot is the largest city of mahnsara district. It has beautiful weather and natural hills that opens doors of freshness in human mind. River Kunhar Merged with Jehlum River at the end and it is originated from Lulusar Lake.

You can enjoy with cool breeze and it has very pleasant and healthy environment to tourists. The land has countless beauty. Memorable moments of life can be enjoyed over there through natural attractions of the area.