Baluchistan: A province with beautiful culture

Pakistan is a blessed country with a blend of all the beautiful colors of God. The culture and traditions of Pakistan are unique and have their own worth. All the five provinces though have brotherly relations but also have distinct qualities from each other. One of the provinces of Pakistan is known as Balochistan. The balochis are mainly those people who live in Balochistan and speak Balochi language which is derived from the family of Irani languages.

All the other provinces of Pakistan Balochistan are also having in its own cultural significance. The origin of Balochi culture can be traced back to Mesopptomia. The tribal laws of Balochistan play an important role in establishing the code of conduct that allows people to live and work within the premises of their cultural and traditional life.

As far the clothing of the Baloch people is concerned mostly the women wear the shirts embroidered with the needle work. They also have a pocket in the front of their shirts. The sleeves and the border of the shirts are also embroidered with the sophisticated needle work. The women wear loose embroidered shirts with trousers. Like the other women across the world balochi women also love to wear jewelry most especially the necklaces and the bracelets,

Balochi music also seems to be inspired by the Iranian music. The folk’s songs are sung by both men and the women and enjoyed by the whole community.

As far as balochi cuisine is concerned the most favorite dish of balochis is Sajji and the Khaddi Kababs. The same two dishes have also become popular in other parts of Pakistan.

The Balochis are true at heart. They are humble and hospitable people. They give respect to the people and expect same in return. Those who go on the tour to Balochistan if adopt the local clothing style and eating habits, they are esteemed by the local people. Like other provinces and their cultures, balochistan culture has a beauty of its own which is worth seeing closely. The visit to Balochistan becomes a life time experience because of the depth and beauty of its culture.