Beautiful beaches of Karachi

Apart from the hustle and bustle of Karachi it is also famous for the sandy shores that it offers to its visitors and residence. The various developments in Karachi along with various beaches have made the nature’s gift more valuable for the tourists. These beautiful beaches, water, sand and wildlife on these beaches are the things that must be seen.  There are some of the famous and beautiful beaches in Karachi that are as follows.

Clifton Beach: Clifton is the most accessible beach in Karachi, in hot and humid city Clifton Beach was once a haven of silver sand. Now this beach is a center of all those people who like to enjoy the cool water of the beach. Large numbers of restaurants are open there and it becomes the most famous destination for spending evening and weekend here.

Sunset at Devils point

Devils Point: to the East of Clifton this beach is located; this beach is now the most famous place of eating and enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean. There are many different awesome restaurants on the beach with beautiful environment. Swimming here is risky but this is one of the best places to be away from the noise of city and can enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature. If you are lucky then you might have to see few turtles or dolphins swimming in this area.

Sand Pits

Sands Pit: to the Southwest of Karachi there is Sand Pit beach has a unique formation of sand and rock. There water is generally calm except in monsoon season. On Sunday this beach is usually overcrowded and is very much busy on weekends. On this beach there are huts of many companies and some are personal huts, very few are there that are available on rent on day to day basis. For swimming it is a great place with shallow water. In this area various fresh fishes and crabs are sold by the fishermen.