Beautiful fort of Pakistan

Pharwala Fort: at 4m km from Rawalpindi outside to Lehtrar road is a Pharwala Fort. Sultan Kai Gohar, a Gakkhar ruler Hindi shahi Fort reconstructed in the 15th century and was ruined in the 10the century. This fort is conquered in 1519 AD by the Emperor Baber. In 1825 later on Sikhs prohibited Gakhars from this fort. Although this fort is in a crumbling condition but still this fort has a great appeal for castle lovers. This fort is located in the forbidden area but Pakistani visitors can visit it.

Rohtas Fort: 109 km from Rawalpindi is Rohtas Fort; in the South west of Dina Town it is located about 6 kilometers. From G.I road you have to turn right while going from Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. It is a narrow road before Dina Police Station and then turns left till you locate a dry bed of Kahan River. From this point you will see this Fort. But you have to pass the river to reach to the fort. You need a four wheel drive to pass the river in the rainy season. In Pakistan, this fort is considered as the most beautiful historical monuments, between 1540 and 1547 AD it was constructed by an Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri. A Mughal Emperor Sikha and Akber used it later on. It has twelve gates, it has rampart walls with a healthy fortress, and it looks like an ancillary building and a beautiful palace.

Attock Fort: on the left bank of Indus River at the west of Islamabad attock fort is situated at about 101 km. under the supervision of Khawaja Shamsuddin Khawafi this for in completed in 1583. He was a minister of Emperor Akbar. During this period a Mughal caravan sarai at the outer site of the fort was also built and it is almost on the G.T road. No visitors are allowed to go inside the fort.