Beautiful places of Pakistan

Kaghan: A long landscape of 161 Kms of the Kaghan Valley with its very tall Himalayan peaks, majestic glaciers, peaceful peaks, and splashing waterfall is presenting a wonderful scene, lasting in the northwards to 4148 meters high to Babusar pass. Jeeps are available there that take you to this valley, in the summer season there is great hustle and bustle and there are large number of different hotels and restaurants that offers you complete accommodations. There is a big and beautiful resort in Naran, which gives you wonderful accommodation facilities with good meal at very affordable price. This perfect area for tourist fishing and trekking, the trekking adventure start in Bellyached, an attractive mountain village from there road leads 34 KMs to Shogran. Shogran has very thick forested hills and grassy meadows at a height of 2,362m., which is the best place for the first stop during your journey. Naran is a base camp for starting your journey to other lakes, valleys and peaks.

Azad Kashmir: Azad Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir states are shortly known as Azad Kashmir. It is the part of administrative section of Kashmire region Pakistan, in the northern areas. Its official name is Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It covers up the area of 13,297 Sq. kms. Muzzafarabad is its capital and has a population of about 4 million. Kashmir is known as a “paradise on earth” because of its beauty. It is surrounded by mountains ranges including Himalayas, Zanaskar, Pir Panjal, and Karakoram; they are stretching from the northwest to the east west. These snow covered peaks makes the Kashmir a beautifull place that attract everyone. Kashmir is also called “Switzerland of the East”

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