Changa Manga- the Famous Forest of Pakistan

Changa Manga is 50 miles from Lahore when travelling through the Lahore-Chunian road. Upon reaching Changa Manga town, we needed to drive just a little further till we contacted the relaxation houses. The forest is really a valuable treasure worth millions. Shisham, Mulberry, Bakaian, Simbal, Caster, Frash, Berry and Eucalyptus trees are located by the bucket load. The Mulberry and Bakaian trees support our worldwide recognized sports industry in Sialkot. In addition, the forest department does a large amount of work in your area because of its 1500 employees because it provides about seven residential colonies. This plantation also provides recyclables towards the nearby chipboard, hardboard and match industry. Because of the thick forest, the climate from the surrounding areas remains enjoyable having a pollution free atmosphere.

The small patches of flowers, numerous benches, five tourist sheds as well as an aesthetic layout increase the place’s beauty. Stately built, regal restaurants make the perfect accessory for the already peaceful atmosphere from the jungle. A suspension bridge may be the center of attraction for going to vacationers. The superbly situated relaxation houses on Chunian road that have three suites each are outfitted with modern facilities with spacious, well stored grass. The bamboo sheds offer accommodation. These may also be reserved just before your arrival there.

People all over Pakistan, particularly Lahore division, visit this ideal have a picnic point. People from other countries and students of forestry and wildlife also visit Changa Manga. It becomes an ideal spot for individuals who wish to spend their free time in the organization of character. Swimming, boating, fishing, watching wildlife, and taking pleasure in up-to-date merry-go-models, vehicle drives, and aquatic sports might be the very best hobbies here. Fishing permits could be acquired soon after having to pay 50 rupees for every allowance. Afloat on the nicely embellished pagoda-formed Mahaiab Mahal within the lake, throughout boating is definitely an enjoyable and memorable experience.