Jamia masiid Chichawatni

Chichawatni is located in Punjab near Sahiwal. It is the famous city of SHIWAL division. It is situated on the G.T road. It is the famous for its attractive railway station. Mostly the people speak Punjabi. The climate of Chichawatni is hot in summer and cold in winter. The people of Chichawatni speak Punjabi. The men wear shalwar kameez and female also wear shalwar kameez. It is famous for its crops of wheat, sugar cane and cotton. Chichawatni is famous for its ice cream parlor. The sadar market is famous place of shopping in Chichawatni. THE biggest cattle market of Pakistan is located in Chichawatni. MANDI MUWAISHIYAN is famous for buffaloes and cows .First banaspati Ghee Mils are in Chichawatni. This is famous in whole Asia by the name of Crescent Factories of Chichawatni. The Railway Station of Chichawatni is famous in Pakistan. The second largest –NON-NATURAL Jungle of Pakistan is in Chichawatni. Madarassa Khalidia of Chichawatni is famous and is first Jihadi Madarassa. Darul-uloom Khatm-e Nabuwwat is famous institute of Islam located in Chichawatni division. Kabbadi Stadium is famous in Chichawatni .FOODILT KABBADI STADIUM is famous for Kabbadi. CHICHAWATNI is famous for forest. It is the famous Headquarter of Pakistan Forest division. The famous people of CHICHAWATNI are SHIZA HIDAYAT best Olympic player and AZAM TARIQ co. founder of the political organization Sipah-e-sahaba Pakistan. The famous game is KABBADI people came to see Kabbadi in CHICHAWATNI from whole Pakistan .THE jungle of CHICHAWATNI is famous for Tourist and for animals GEOGRAPHIST.  The people of CHICHAWATNI mostly eat simple food. They eat mutton and spicy korma .The people of CHICHAWATNI are mostly earn moneys from cattle’s. The cattle’s of CHICHAWATNI are FAMOUS in whole Pakistan. The BUFFLOES and COWS are famous in the whole ASIA. ON the OCCASION of EID-UL- AZHA mostly people buy cows and sheep’s from the famous Mandhi of CHICHAWATNI.