Chinji and Karakoram national park

Chinji National park

Chinji national park is founded in 1987, and it is the secluded area on IUCN category II (national park) situated in Talagang Tehsil, Destrict Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan. It covers a region of 6,095 hectares and it is about 15,061 acres. Chinji national park is situated near to Salt Range and is about 1630 Km from Islamabad in the south. The area has a height of 2,231 feet. Chinji’s land is deeply eroded comprises of sandstones to igneous rocks in combination with tiny dumps of rocks salt range. Heavy streams and narrow valley rise in the Soan River, it passes through this region.

537 mm is the average annual rainfall of the area and from it 308mm is the monsoon season from July to September. In June the maximum temperature is 27 degree and in January the minimum temperature is 2.2 degree centigrade. Snow is very common in the winter season and relative humidity reach to almost 80% in monsoon.

Karakoram national Park:

Karakoram National Park or Central National Park is the national park in Northern Areas of Pakistan. It encompasses the Biafo, Panmah, Baltoro and Hispo glaciours and their branch glaciers. The karakoram national park located in the Skardu district of Northern areas and also included the area of Gilgit district. Because of its extra ordinary beauty and natural values Government of Pakistan founded in 1993 a Central National Park there. K2 is the second highest peak in the world with 8611m as its center piece. The park of 10,000 sq. kms covers some of the world’s largest glacier and highest peaks. It is internationally recognized for its beautiful trekking and class climbing, it defend the greatest attention of the tall peaks on the earth. Ten of the world’s most popular and highest peaks and sixty peaks over 7,000m consisting of broad peak, Masherbrum and Gasherbrum and these beautiful scenes attract many customers every year.