Chitral- a beautiful valley

Chitral is also known as Qashqar and chitral. It is the heart of Marco Polo land, lie between the rough mountains of the Hindukush. In the Hindukahs range it is a hidden paradise. It is the most interesting country of snow peaked mountains, timeless glaciers and deep green valley’s in which the city cold water flows and blue white glaciers have special natural charm and attraction. In chitral the majestic Terichmir Peak, it is the 5th highest peak in the world. Has a height of 25,000ft with the other similar sister’s peaks creating a challenge for the adventure loving people of the world. Like Gilgit Chitral is also popular as cradle of polo, and polo is its national game. In the Chitral there is the world highest polo ground, its name is Shundar Pass. It has an altitude of 1070 m, about 3500 ft.

Chitral is situated in the North West of Pakistan; it is a very beautiful valley in the Hindukahs mountain range. It is very important for defense because of its position. It is lying in the South of Hindukahs range of mountains; chitral gives you the way to the main passes of these mountains and plays an important role in the defense of the South Asia. It is the northern district of NWFP, it is located at 366 kilometer from Peshawar. In its neighbors there are Northern areas of Gilgit, Central Asian countries, Afghanistan and China. Most of the population of Chitral is Chitrali people. Pushton are also inhibited there and some Kalash people are also living in this beautiful valley of Rambur, Birir and Bomburet.