Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol national Park is located in the beautiful valley of Chitral, it is a thin and slim valley, its ravine running to about 18km before expanding into a basin bounded by high peaks. Various rivers are sap into the Chitral Gol, and that flows southwards into the Kunhar River. Visitor’s services consist of two hunting cottages originally construct by Mehtars. Chitral Gol National Park is located in the north west of Pakistan and is   very close to the Afghan border. .it is to the south west of Chitral town and it is the district of the Chitral. There is a jeep track and you can hire jeep that leads to the park which rises to the mountainside and having a breath taking sights of the valley below. Two signs welcoming you to the park and the jeep track take two hours to lead you to the park.

On the way there are different signs boards that basic information likes about the wildlife that is present in the park.  This area is about 2300m above the sea level and the valley base is also 1500m high. Snow leopard and markhor are found in the park, markhore are in large number. There is also urail and Ibex and some other wild animals like wolves, red fox, black beers snow leopards and also different verities of birds are found in this national park. All these beautiful and colorful birds and animals increase the charm of this national park and people from different places come to see just theses beautiful animals.

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