Chitta Khatta Lake

Chitta KhattaKashmir is the place which is blessed from natural beauty and is very famous for its virgin beauty. There are different places to visit and praise the nature’s beauty. There is a lake named as “Chitta Khatta” it is like a diamond in the crown of Neelam Valley. It is situated in the upper Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakisatn at an elevation of 1400feet above the sea level. The major attraction of the lake is its milky white colors of water from which the name of the lake is derived, Chitta means “White”.

Chitta Khatta Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. The Kashmir’s snow covers mountains surrounded this beautiful lake and during summer flowers on the side of lake added more beauty to it. One can access this area through Kel in Neelam valley.  The road is about 30 km and can only be covered by jeep from Kel to Chitta Katha Lake. If you have an intention of trekking there then you must have to spend night Ulti domel village and you have to start your journey early in the morning. For trekking in this area one has to be mentally and physically fit to do this hiking. For this purposes horse can also be hired.

IChitta Khattan July and August this lake can only be accessible otherwise the rest of the year it is covered with snow and hiking there is very risky. There are few shops and restaurants on the way where you can get some local item of foods and refresh themselves by taking a cup of tea. Few owners of the restaurants are trying to expand their restaurants to provide more refreshment items. This is very nice and beautiful place for night camping there are two routes to access this lake one is pretty steep and narrow at some points and this is along the Chitta Katha Nullahand. The other one is a bit longer, in this rout you have to cross a foot bridge on Nallu and is steeper and is rising up, this track take couple of hours then this track opens in a wide valley named as Hari Parbat Peak


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