Daata Durbar-house of endless blessings treasure

 Pakistan is an Islamic country. The way of life, traditions, cultures, customs, ceremonies, occasion and all the basic and secondary aspect of our lives are tend to follows under Islamic obligations. We are an independent nation who is living their lives with absolute and ultimate freedom. Pakistan was liberated on 14 august 1947. The Muslims played a vital role in their independence and getting a separate country where they could live their life with freedom and happiness. The great Sufis of Islam also contributed their educational and struggle in the freedom of Pakistan. These great Sufis are Majadad Alf Saani and many other Sufis. But some respected Sufis contributed their specific skills and education in the welfare of Islamic society before the independence of Pakistan.

Hazrat Syed Ali bin Usman Hajweri (RA) was our great Sufi of Islam. He (RA) did hard struggle for the sake of Islam. He (RA) contributed his great wealth of Islamic education in the development of Islam.  He played a vital role in the true establishment of Islam in sub continent. Hazrat Syed Ali bin Usman Hajweri (RA) also known as Hazrat Daata Gunj Baksh (RA) was the great spiritual teacher for all the Muslims as well as the non-Muslims. Daata means the great master, Gunj means the great treasure and Baksh means the giver. Daata Gunj Baksh was born in 990 CE and died in 1077 CE. The shrine of Hazrat Daata Gunj Baksh is situated near Bhatti gate in Lahore Pakistan. Daata Durbar is one of the most famous places of Pakistan. Hundreds of visitors and followers daily visit Daata Durbar. The free dinner and lunch is daily prepared for all the visitors on Daata Durbar. The Daata Durbar has jamia mosque, educational institute and library inside. Many Islamic students and scholars come here to gain the spiritual and moral education blessed by Hazrat Daata Gunj Baksh (RA).