Damn-e-Koh- Middle of a Mountain

One of the loved,  most visited and developed city of Pakistan is Islamabad. It is also the capital of the country and many of the political and other foreign meetings held in this great city. Population in the city is low but being the seat of Government it has large population of Government servants and federal administration employees.

This city is blessed with natural beauty and is highly beautified with skyscraping buildings such as Margella Hotel, Pearl continental (PC), Sarena hotel, Governor House and many other similar buildings. It is the busiest shopping place as well because of the advanced shopping malls all around.

Lots of visitors come every year to enjoy the beauty of the city and surroundings, mainly school, college and university trips are planned to see Damn-e-Koh one of the most beautiful and loved area in Islamabad.  Damn-e-Koh means “middle of a Mountain” as the name make it clear it is situated in the middle of Margella hills and gives a great view of the cities Islamabad and Rawalpandi. You can see Faisal Mosque and Rawal Lake from 4 different views.

The best part is this beautiful location can be visited with family and friends and can enjoy the lunch in the mid of mountains.  It is very relaxing place and gives you peace of mind. Students from different institutes enjoy the drive in Margella Hills and loved to capture the beautiful places forever. They also made the tour more excited and breath taking by having dance, drama and sports in the middle of hills.