Deosai National Park

A Deosai National Park is situated partly in the Astore valley and partly in Skardu of Gilgat Baltistan area. This park is situated on the Deosai plains of the Karakoram West Tibetan Plateau and above sea level it has a height of 4,114 meters. It covered an area of 3,000 squares kms. Desoi national park is famous for its wealthy fauna and flora in spring season, in this season it is covered by large number of flowers and butterflies and give them very eye catching look.

There are two routs through which Deosai plains can be accessed. One route is via Astore districted and the other one is through Skardu District. From Astore the road start from Chilum and goes via plains and before climbing to deosai the till the main lake. The other route from Skardu is through an unconstructed road and it will take two days for hiking. But in jeep it takes just 1 hour to reach there. Word Deosai means “Lands of Giants”, after Tibet it is the second top peak in the world. Around the Deosai the beauty of Himalayas is clearly visible. It is also the house of rare Himalaya’s brown bear. In 90’s almost 19 bears were there but now its population is increasing very quickly.

Sheosar Lake is there in the Deosai plains; in the shina language means “Shoe Blind, sar lake”. It has an altitude of 4,142m, and it has an estimated length of 2.3 km, and has 1.8 km width and has a depth of almost 40m. In 1933 the Deorsai national park was constructed for the protection of life of Himalaya’s brown bear and their territory, it is the largest omnivores in Pakistan. There are different varieties of birds and other animals like Golden marmot, Himalaya Ibex, red fox, wolf and many others while in birds golden eagle, griffon vulture, laggar falcon, kestrel, snowcock and sparrow hawk. And people form different areas come there to see these wild life.