Dera Murad Jamali

Dera Murad Jamali is a subdivision of Nasirabad district of Balochistan province of Pakistan.  Total area of this city is 3,387, having 238 plots, linked with Bolan from its North, with Jhali Magsi from west, with Jaffarabad from South, and with Dera Bughti from East. Jamali tribe exists in this city. It was established from 1987-88 after assassinated Pakistani leaders Mir Murad khan Jamali. Famous politicians nominated from this area as Prime minister of Pakistan Mir Zaffarullah Khan Jamali. Mir Jaffar khan Jamali was another famous person of Jamali tribe.

Dera Murad Jamali was famous for headquarter of Nasirabad.  There is a UCH power plant for generating electricity and river as well which flows northern side.  Railway line also exists in this area which linked from Gawadar to the network in Mastung district of Balochistan.  It is also counted as industrial area for having seven industries but only five are in working condition. It is an agricultural area and mostly people rely on agriculture for their income and running household.  In Dera Murad Jamali 99% people are Muslims. They are Sindhi spoken.  People of Dera Murad Jamali have ability to tolerating the warm weather because summer season is too hot but winters are normal.


Jirga system is there as in other districts of Balochistan. It is one of beautiful cities of Balochistan but unfortunately its literacy rate is too low as just 15% because of having few schools and only one college. There is a need of Agriculture College in Dera Murad Jamali for technical study, because people have fertile agricultural lands for which they hire farmers. There is hepatitis problem in this area which increases day by day and for which no preventive measures are taken.  Because of low literacy rate and spreading of hepatitis may lay it in darkness and therefore away from development.