Different areas of Pakistan:


In Pakistan there are many travelling areas, many beautiful and amazing places. Almost all the cities are beautifully decorated and all the areas have their own special places and people from different parts of the country come and visit them. The most beautiful city is the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.


It is the small area in the subdivision of Pakistan, it has only one district and covers only an area of 906 squares km. it is the most famous city of Pakistan and there are different places that must be visited and have great tourist attraction., like Faisal mosque, Damen-e-koh, shaker parian, beautiful hotels, cinemas, play lands and many other recreational places, shopping malls and Jinnah super is the best place for shopaholic people. The environment is very calm and sophisticated. People are very fashionable. Everyone must have to visit these beautiful places.

Northern Area of Pakistan:

In the northern areas there are the Pakistan’s highest mountains and glaciers are found here. These areas are the best places for summer visitors, in summer these hill stations are very much populated with people. Large numbers of people from different parts of the country go there and spend good time as weather in these months is very pleasant. Even people from abroad also come and enjoy hiking because they are great lovers of hiking.

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir:

It is single area in Pakistan having no sub division; it covers an area of 12, 431 sq. km.  Azad Kashmir is the most beautiful place in Pakistan and it must be visited. There are many hills, high mountains, valleys, beaches, deserts, and coastal areas, deserts and also arid plateau. Different products are producing in this area and are playing very important role in the growth of economy.