Dudiptsar Lake

A very beautiful lake “Dudiptsar Lake” surrounded by snow capped peaks; it is situated in the north of Kaghan valley. It is at a distance of an hour drive from Naran, this road is not to be accessed by cars not even jeep after some point everyone have to reach there to have a bit trek. Water of this lake is greenish blue and is very cold. This lake is in proximity to Lulusar. At a little distance from there is a Babusar top. “Dudi” means white and”sar” means lake. Due to the white snow in the surrounding this name is given to this lake. This water is reflected like a mirror in summer. There is a very tough trek so it is not easy to get access to this lake. This trek is about 4 to 6 hours.

“Sar” word is used almost all the lakes in this area because of its meaning lake. The beautiful scene of water reflects like a mirror is very enchanting and large number of visitors come from different parts of the country to watch the striking views of the lake. From Basel it is six or seven hours walking distance. About half of the distance is slightly hiking on a clear pathway then it open in a wide, flat field land. It is surrounded by green hills at about 4,800 meters and this lake is itself at 3,800 heights. It is surrounded by snow scraps in the shady areas. Natural beauty of this lake I still preserved and large number of visitors come there every year.