Enchanting Shogran

While visiting the north of Pakistan, don’t forget to visit Shogran, an exotic village situated in the Naran Valley. The entire Naran Valley is home to enchanting greenery and landscape but Shogran is really one of a kind. Sri Paya is one of the popular spots of Shogran.

You can get there by Jeep. This is where you will experience beauty beyond imagination with lush green hills and pollution free air. The wind of Shogran carries a natural scent of fresh flowers and lilies which is characteristic of this valley, its like you’ve entered Eden on earth!

Even walking around in its meadows will feel heavenly and magical. The best time to visit Shogran is in June-July. Its about 10 hrs from Islamabad.

Shogran is also great for camping. The calm and peace of the environment will make you forget all about your worries and fears and will make you a new human being again rising up with new hopes and aspirations. You will really get close to nature and to God when you put your first site on this valley.

The fresh air around will activate your mind, body and soul and you will carry an experience worth cherishing throughout your life. Shogran is perfect for families wanting to spend a serene holiday. The weather is a bit uncertain in this part of the world, it will sometimes rain unexpectedly.

The views of sunrise and sunset are the best in Shogran which will make you awe in delight. Imagine sipping tea in the evenings watching these appealing sites and thinking about nothing but praise for God. If you’re a physical exercise fan, you could also cycle your way along the valley and discover for yourself its beauty.

Shogran was also a victim to the 2008 earthquake and the floods 2 years back yet it has recovered and now stands perfect for tourists. Its a pity not many people know about this dazzling valley and hence refrain from coming here. There are not many markets in Shogran which means that you can spend your time looking at nature all day long. Its perfect for spending 3 or 4 days.

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