Faisal Mosque-Great representative of friendship b/w two Muslim countries

Faisal Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the country of Pakistan, south Asia, and not only in south Asia and Pakistan but one of the largest mosques in whole world. This National Mosque of Pakistan named after the King of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz was contributed in supporting and finance the whole project. During an official visit of Saudi King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz in Pakistan he gave the initiative of build this national mosque to the Pakistani Government in 1966.

A Sight of the Mosque

This mosque was designed by the international competition in 1969, in which the competitors to design this mosque were selected. The competitors or architects from 17 countries who were submitted their proposals. After four days approximately, the design of a Turkish architect was selected or chosen.

National Construction of Pakistan started the construction in 1967. Azan Khan leaded the all over construction that were funded by the Saudi Government. The total cost was 130 million Saudi riyals which is approximately 120 million USD today.

Inside the Mosque

This beautiful mosque included one of the biggest mosque can accommodate 10,000 worshipers in its main prayer hall, 24,000 in its porticoes, 40,000 in its courtyard located in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. It is situated at the foot of Margalla Hills, at the north end of Faisal Avenue, and the westernmost foothills of the Hamalayas.

The architect named Vedat Dalokay which was a Turkish architect won the Aga Khan Architectural Award with the project. The mosque no doubt have unusual design and look like of an Arab Bedouine’s tent with its four minarets despite of unlike the traditional mosques are it lacks dome.

The eight-sided shaped like concrete shell that inspired by a Bedoin’s tent in desert, the cubic structure of Ka’ab in Mecca, with four unusual minarets that inspired by Turkish architecture. These all are later explained by the architect that why he combined all of the design on one platform to build the structure in Mosque when addressed to the design school students:

I tried to capture the spirit, proportion and geometery of Kaaba in a purely abstruct manner. Imagine the apex of ech of the four minaret as a scaled explosion of four highest corner of Ka’ba- thus an unseen kaaba form is bounded by the minarets at the four corners in a proportion of height of base Shah Faisal Mosque akin to Ka’ba.