Famous Food Places

There are different places for food in Karachi, Karachi is the most developed city of Pakistan and there are different and beautiful shopping malls, restaurants and hotspots. One of the most famous places for food is

Burns Road: it is the place for genuine Karachi food, the best taste of Nihari, Bottis, Sajji and tikkas are found in this crowded corner of old Karachi. Sadder the major business district of Karachi, Burn roads is the part of it. Many of the restaurants there are constructed in old pre independence age an old Victorian Style buildings that gives you the feelings to be in jam-packed area of the old Delhi. If you are a food lover and really want to taste the real Karachi food then you must have to go there. Food centre is the largest and prettiest building of the street, the other places there are Punjab Lassi house famous for Lassi, food center and Sabri Nihari, apart from these there are many more restaurants spread throughout the street. Only cash is accepted by restaurants. At Rs 300 you can have good desert and a glass of Lassi.

Chatkharay-khadda Market

Khadda Market: this market is especially popular for its delicious Paratha Roll, which is available with collection of different meats like beef, chicken and mutton, have different fillings also included Garlic mayo and cheese. To have best pratha roll then, move to Red Apple and Hot and Spicy. On an average a pratha roll without any filling has a price of 80 Rs. If you want more filling then price increases and it goes up to 130-150 per roll. Apart from Paratha roll these two restaurants also offers you Burgers and sandwiches. Some other famous places in this area are Gazebo for Chaat, kay Bees for fast food, Chatkharay, Indus Biryani for Biryani, mingcourt and Chopstix. Other than food places it is also the best house for the best saloons and best designers of the city.