Famous food places

Karachi is the fastest city of Pakistan, and there are different shopping malls for shopaholic and restaurants for food lovers. Everyone can get all the facilities of life there in Karachi; it is very hustle and bustle city. Some of the famous places for foods is given below.

Beach Avenue: this is well known for largest food outlets such as McDonalds, Dip shop, Floating ship, KFC, Kinara,  Salt’n’Pepper  and Sweet and Sour etc.

Boat Basin

Boat Basin: it is a long strip of open food and Restaurant Street. Some of the most favorite places include Qasi-Al-Nakheel, Mr. Burger, Katachi Broast, Dera, Jans, Café Clifton, Nihari Inn and Tandoori hut. This is place for late partying people and food is usually available in the street up to 5 or 6 AM some of the restaurants are serving 24 hours.  People mostly like eating their food in open air, in winter season this area is the most famous hangout in the city. The usual breakfast of anda paratha and Halwa puri is serving up from 6 or 7 AM onward at Boat Basin. Only cash will be accepted in all the restaurants there so whenever you go there must take cash in your pocket. US $20 or 1000- 2000PKR is enough per person. At Tandoori hut garlic naan and chicken makhni is the most famous.

26 street and Tauheed Commercial: many of the best art galleries are found there, it is very rare when you found any restaurant with an art gallery in it. This area has been called as “Artist District”, café Koel is an artist favorite place, another best place having art gallery is Patio, Purple Haze is a famous youngster hang out, the other best hang out for youngster is Hotspot. This Hotspot is well known in town for its deserts.