Famous Glaciers in Pakistan

Batura Glacier

Batura Glacier is 57km large located in the Northern area in Gojal region just north to Passu and Batura massifs. It runs from west to east. The below portion is explained as rock’s grey sea and harshly moraine, surrounded by some of the summer villages and meadows and there are flocks of goat, sheep, yaks, cows and juniper trees and roses are very common.

Biafo Glacier:

63 km long glacier is Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains which joins the Hispar Glacier which is 49 km long and at an altitude of 5,128m located at Hispar La Pass. It is produced the longest glacier of the world outside the polar region.  This ice highway links the two old mountains kingdom in the West Nagar with Baltistan in the east.  Biafo Glacier of 63 km uses by the traverse and also the entire Hispar Glacier to makes a route of 100km Glacier.

This Glacier provides a trekking to the trekkers with hectic rocky jumps and giving you the beautiful stunning views of the entire area and near the high point the view of Snow Lake. Snow Lake is present in the upper area of the Biafo Glacier and also Sim Gang Glacier a branch of it, it is one of the largest sink of snow ice or depth the ice of the world exterior to the Polar Region and it has a depth of about 1600m which is about 1 mile.

It is the third longest Glacier in the world outside the Polar Region, along the glacier is a camping site nearby to the side moraines and steep mountains.  An old village has a very beautiful view of flowing water. The camp area is covered with flowers and Namla has avery beautiful view of waterfall. Mango and Namla are the first two camping sites and the thirds one is used a rest day and has a large green meadows everywhere.