Famous Treks to Karomber Lake

Karomber Lake is a high altitude lake located in Ishkoman in the Northern areas of Pakistan. It is second highest lakes in Pakistan while it is 31st highest lakes in the world at an altitude of 4,272 metres (14,016 ft). Karambar lake is considered as one of the most beautiful mountain lake in the world. High pamir mountains all around the lake with long green grass and herds of yaks can make everyone stunning. The mythical Snow Leopard is still found here. The approximate length of the lake is 3.9 kilometers (2.4 mi), width is 2 km and, average depth is 52 meters (171 ft).

There are basically four routes to the lake which indeed, are extremely tough. Therefore, very few people reach the lake every year. From one route you have to cross Chillinji Pass (above 17000 feet) or you have to cross the infamous Chitti Boi glacier or 16000 feet high Darkot Pass.

In summer, two favorite trek options are favourite. First option is to start the trek from Kishmanja, reach Karomber and come back Kishmanja through same route. This path mainly remains very gentle and bit comfortable for first timers. Coming back through the same route would also skip the scary path of Shutargurdan.

Second option is to start from Kishmanja, reach Karomber and continue towards Ishkoman Valley by ending the trek at Mitramdas. This is also the route adventurists follow. However one has to compromise the scary patch of Shutargurdan after Sokhtarabad, a few brief glacier crossing including that of Chittiboi and a river crossing at one point to complete this route.