Food Street Lahore-most attractive eating place

An important city of Pakistan is Lahore. It is the provincial capital of Punjab; there are different numbers of factors which make this city the most popular all over the world. It has a rich culture because it is one of the historic cities. One of the most important attractions of this city is “Food Street”. If someone is a food lover and likes to enjoy different types of food then for them no place is better than Food Street of Lahore, Pakistan. Food Street is situated in Gawalmandi which is famous cultural center in Lahore. Around this place there are many historical places like Mayo Hospital, Baansan Bazar and Landa Bazar and this place also its own history.

In the surroundings of Food Street the buildings are very old and give a beautiful sight of Kashmiri-Persian architect. Food Street is the center of Pakistani traditional food. The most important feature about Food Street is that it open 24 hours and 7 days of the week except in the month of Ramadan. During day time traffic are allowed to pass while at night time are closed.  There is beautiful settlement of tables and chairs, shops are opened and different kinds of food are presented and dished up to the visitors. This city is popular for the good eating habit of people and entire city gives different types of food but Food Street is unique from all of them.

Food Street adds more colors to the colorful life of this city. People from all over the country and also people from overseas come to enjoy the delicious desi food of the Food Street. The popular desi dishes include Chicken Tikkah, Biryani, Karahi Gosht, Chicken Channay and fried fish and etc. all the people who came to Lahore must visit Food Street and must have one time meal here. At night you will find beautiful and decorated building and also reflect the true Asian culture.  Buildings looks very beautiful and attractive with beautiful lights even buildings are very old.