You may have heard of Balochistan in snippets . may have heard about poverty and war, and terror there. Or you may not know anything about it except the name!!  In fact  Balochistan is also bestowed by many beautiful places like any other place in Pakistan.  Here I’m going to tell you about such a beautiful spot in Balochistan, i.e. Gadani Beach.

Gadani is a small town in Distt. Las Bela, Balochistan Province of pakistan. It is famous for its beautiful beach & ship breaking yard.

Gadani Beach is located about 50 Kilometres northwest of Karachi, consisting of hard and sharp rocky mountains from Balochistan, lush green water and a spectacular view. The place is famous for its Ship Breaking Yard, althogh it is a Calm and beautiful picnic spot aswell.

Water is clean & pure blue here. Beach is sandy. Sand is white. There are no hard stones or pebbles on the beach which may harm your feet. You can swim or just relax in water for whole day. View of sea & beach from nearby rocks is great. It is best for group of friends or families to come here, Swim, relax or climb the rocks & enjoy.

The Beach is surrounded by mountains on all sides. There lay a long and flat promontory, lined with high rocks, over which massive waves would crash from either side, connecting in the middle and creating a sort of tunnel underneath. The sound of the waves crashing murderously onto the rocks sounded like the furious clap of thunder before a torrential downpour. It is magnificent. On the tip of the mountain you may feel a sheer drop straight into the ocean, the mountain itself seems to plunge to its death. The mountainsides are pockmarked with caves and hollows, where the waves ram into them, eroding the massif, pebble by pebble.

It might also be interesting for you to know that Pakistan’s ship recycling industry operates on the Gadani beach. Its ship breaking yard is one of the best and largest in the world, Today about 200,000 people earn their living from this industry, either directly or indirectly.

I wonder how the majority of the Pakistani people could be ignorant to such splendors of their country. Truly, Pakistan is a rich country, with mountains, oceans, deserts and forests. And a place of love and beauty! If only we appreciated it for what it is worth.