Geography and location of Pakistan

Pakistan is located in south Asia and has an area of 339,697 square miles. It was produced from what is at northwest side of India. All the other parts apart from the southern portion are landlocked with, in the northwest with Afghanistan, to the northeast with Jammu and Kashmir, to southeast and east with India, and in the west to Iran. In the southern site with the shores of Karachi city, when nation was formed in 1947 in the Arabian Sea it was the capital of Pakistan. Karachi is very much known for its shorelines. Large section of the Northern portion of the country consists of Mountain ranges and also has the popular Khyber Pass, and it has a history goes back many thousands years. Pakistan is in that section of Northern areas where many of the old tribes are still living and also most of the ancient tribal customs and cultures still present.

There are various provinces in Pakistan, including Punjab, Baluchistan, North West Frontier, Sindh and FATA that are Federally Administered tribal areas.  The Islamabad city is located in the center of the country and in 1961 it was officially announced as the capital of Pakistan and there Government buildings are very beautifully constructed. While in 1966 Islamabad became an active capital of Pakistan. Apart from government buildings there is also large number of beautiful and modern designed buildings, hotels, shopping malls, recreational parks and cinema houses. An international airport is also located there and an ancient famous city Lahore is also in its proximity.