Ghanta Ghar Multan

In 1884 A.D the Ghanta ghar and clock tower of Multan was constructed. After, the passing of 1883 municipal act British required offices to run the city. Then they start building Ghnata GHar in Multan and it was completed in 4 years. During the Siege of Multan it was constructed on the ruins of Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai. The offices were shifted to this building in 1888. After partition of India the hall was named as “Jinnah Hall” and was used for offices, meetings and different cultural programs were also held in this building. With passing time this hall was not sufficient for meetings and offices and offices were shifted from there and it was thought to convert this historic building into a museum. Visiting Multan city in pleasant weather is the best time. Behind visiting mandirs and shrine of Multan, shooting Ghanta Ghar(clock tower) of Multan is the best opportunity. It is landmark of this city. There are heavy traffic on this road because of the construction of the infra structure of this city. Due to the construction of 6 flyovers all the traffics directed toward the central point. On the Ghnta Ghar chawk there is Multan museum.