Gilgit Baltistan

Province Gilgit Baltistan; is located in the north of Pakistan. Gilgit touches Afghanistan in the North and China in the north-east. There are seven districts in Gilgit Baltistan, which are Gilgit, Hunza Nager, Diamar, Ghazir, Astore, Sakerdu (Baltistan) and Ghanche. Gilgit Baltistan; land with most different socio-cultural geography throughout the globe. It would not be wrong if stated that Gilgit Baltistan is the roof of the world being one of the highest places in the globe. It’s the land of wonders and heavenly place in Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan is unique tourist’s spots throughout the world. Three of world’s highest mountains namely Hindu Kush, Himaliya and Karakoram converge at Gilgit Baltistan. Mountain ranges in the world, namely, the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. These mountain ranges have many highest points throughout the globe. These Mountain Ranges are the largest attractions for the tourists throughout the Globe. Another attraction for the tourists is Shandoor Polo Festival, this festival is observed on the worlds highest Polo Ground.

Nature has made Gilgit Baltistan very beautiful; highest peaks, scattered snow in the surroundings, heavenly fairy meadows and crystal clear lakes make the place heaven on the earth. The most favorable weather for the tourists is between May and October; in these months weather is moderate. Moreover there are many precious gem stones, such as Ruby, Paragasite, Epidot and Himaliyan Quartz. About 95% of the precious and semi precious stones are the products of Province Gilgit Baltistan.

The native language of the locale is Shina, other than Shina people could speak and understand English and Urdu Languages. As there are many ethnic groups of different cultures residing in Gilgit Baltistan; mixed culture could be seen, ranging between ancient traditional and modern cultures. Most of the population is of Muslims; somehow a less number of Christians are also living at Gilgit Baltstan.