Gilgit Baltistan

Formally Gilgit Baltistan was known as northern areas of Pakistan. It is situated in the northern of Pakistan. To the north is the Gilgat Baltistan border to Afghanistan, to the northeast is the China. To the south is the Azad Jammu and Kashmir it is the Pakistan Administrated state and to the southeast is the Indian Administrated State. There are seven districts in the territory of Gilgat Baltistan consists of Astore, Diamar, Ghanche, Ghezir, Gilgit, Hunza and Bltistan.Gilgit Baltistan has an individual peculiarity that is the convergent point of the three world’s highest mountains ranges that are Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. There are many of the highest peaks of the world, and also there is the highest concentration of the glaciers in the outside the Polar glaciers.

Gilgat is bestowed with the natural beauty, snowy mountains, high peaks, lush green fairy meadows, fresh water and also this area is blessed with countless and important deposits of semi precious and precious metals, precious and semi precious stones, and also some industrial stones like Topaz, Gold, Ruby, Tourmaline, Quartz, aquamarine, Epidote, Zircon, Paragasite, Actinolite, Moonstone, Emerald, Granite, Calcite, and many others. According to estimation that 95% of the total deposits of the precious and semi precious stones present in Pakistan are   found in Gilgit Baltistan.

The currency of Gilgit Baltistan is Pakistan rupee but in hotels and gifts shops foreign currency is also accepted. In all banks and local moneychangers exchange facilities are available. The main spoken languages are shina in Gilgit Baltistan. People can also speak an understand English and Urdu besides Shina. The best season for tourist is May to October Mid throughout the year. In May the maximum temperature is 33 C and minimum is 16 C in September.

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