God’s Masterpiece On Earth – Bahrain

Art is man’s nature: Nature is God’s art. -Philip James Bailey

One of the rare jewels of Swat Valley is the Bahrain village where you’ll see sights which you’ve never witnessed in the world. Bahrain mean ‘two rivers’, it got its name because it is situated at the junction of two rivers. Bahrain is special and unique from the hill stations of Pakistan because it serves as home to the fast flowing water of Swat.

It is so fast that you have to shut your windows before sleeping at night if you sleep in total silence. The beauty of this district is that its built on water, Staying in an hotel room, you see a ravishing sight. If you look straight, you’ll see tall mountains and if you look down, you’ll come face to face with fast gushing waters like soldiers rushing for battle.

Mountains and rivers are a perfect combination of anyone who wants to witness Paradise on earth. Its a site which will remain engraved in your mind forever. It takes about 6 hrs from Islamabad to get to Bahrain by a private car. The road to Bahrain is not for the weak hearted but for the ones crazy about adventure, will keep on asking for more.

The market of Bahrain is also a small but sweet sight seeing experience where you’ll find traditional artifacts, nuts and warm clothes. The people of Bahrain are kind hearted folk believing in simple living and high thinking. The water in the river is so cold, it will freeze your blood within seconds, so anyone who wants to die a painful death would jump in this water, no one can catch anything if it goes into this river and cannot be saved because it runs impossibly fast.

The crystal clear waters of Bahrain are in itself a tourist destination which you would not want to get your eyes off.Bahrain was also victim to the terrible floods 2 yrs ago but thankfully it has recovered and is now ready for tourists again. The best part of this valley is that its not very crowded, few people have come to know of this masterpiece of God.

As it is for all the northern areas of Pakistan, it is best to visit Bahrain in June or July. These waters speak about a story of their own, if you’re of a poetic nature, you’ll start remembering all sorts of sonnets once you set foot in Bahrain.