Gorakh hills

In the Kirthar range there is a Gorakh hills that stretches along the Baluchistan and Sindh boarder.  In this range it is highest peaks and is about the height of 5,500 feet. These mountains ranges give you the natural geographical division for the two provinces. In the Johi Tahsil of Dadu district Gorakh hill is located and on the other end it lies in Baluchistan. Weather in the summer season is very pleasing and the temperature is modest during the day time and became very cold at night. During winter season temperature drops down to -8 to -10 degrees centigrade. Because of the highest peak region these hills also gives you a very beautiful view of the whole valley from the top. The whole area is surrounded by dry mountains at some points with small green pastures. In the rainy season one can enjoy different streams of water flowing through this area.

From Karachi either through Sehwan shareef or Dadu Town Gorakh Hill is easily accessible. The shortest route is going through Sehwan shareef vian Bhan Saeedabad to Johi in contrast to going through the route of dadu. From Sehwan Shareef Johi is located at a distance of 40 Kms, and Sehwan Shareef is about 137 kms from Jamshoro. From Jamshoro to Sehwan Shareef the Indus high way is in very good condition. And people can enjoy the beautiful scenes of this route with the Indus River flowing on the right side and a beautiful view of the infertile mountains on the left side. The road from Sehwan shareef to onward is a bit poor and in 4×4 one can reach there. But the best tip is to hire a vehicle in Hyderabad because in Sehwan it will be difficult.

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