Hanna Lake in Quetta

Near Quetta city there is a lake named as Hanna Lake in Pakistan, this lake has a great appeal for the tourist toward city. This lake is at a short distance from the Quetta almost at 10 km where Urak valley starts. In this lake there is a golden fish that comes up to the edge of the lake by swimming. At the lakeside there is also a restaurant with tables in the shade by pine trees. There the tourist can enjoy the eatables and make their picnic more enjoyable and fun.  At one side of the lake the irrigation dame originated from the depth like wall of the fort. This site is very eye-catching for holidaymakers and there is a great hustle and bustles of climbers and hikers during holidays.

This is a very charming picnic spot near Quetta in Pakistan. The lakes turquoise waters gives a great match to the sandy brown of the hills in the background. One can walk on the terrace and can also hire a boat and propel through the lake and round the island in the center. At circular road there is wagon service from the city bus station. On the Jinnah road the transport can be rented through PTDC tourist Information Center, the Muslim Hotel. Hanna Lake is located in the Hills almost ten kilometers east to the Quetta.

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