Hanna Lake – The Charming Turquoise Water

A glance at the beauty of the shimmering turquoise water, surrounded by the brownish green hills along with the shiny clouds can mesmerize any one. Indeed, it is Hanna Lake. 10 km away from Quetta city in the east, resides one of the beautiful lake of Pakistan. Hanna Lake is the famous and most accessible tourist attraction in the province of Baluchistan.

Hanna Lake was constructed in 1984 near Quetta city by the British Empire. Between the two gigantic mountains, the lake seems as a great historical bridge for storage of water. The British Empire also constructed a dam “Surrpull” to provide the inflow of water from the mountains range of Zarghoon coming from the melting of snow, rain falls and streams through main channels into the lake. Another construction done by the British Empire was the  water channel near spin kaarez to convert the snow and rain water coming to surrpull for filling of water in this lake from Murdar mount. Unfortunately in 1976, the channel was destroyed due to heavy flood. It has not been constructed yet due to which there was a continuous waste of water and snow. As a result from 1999 to January 2005, Hanna Lake was fully dried. However, Hanna Lake was re filled with water in 2011 and again gave rise to flora and fauna and once again became the pleasant tourist spot.

Hanna Lake is most famous and favorite tourist spot for local people as well as for holiday makers. There is also a restaurant at the lake view. During holidays, hundreds of hikers and campers visit the lake and spend their time at the restaurant in the shades of pine trees. People, who are fond of boating, hire the boat and paddle through the lake to the island in the middle. Another attraction of Hanna Lake is the Golden Fish, which comes up to the edge of the lake for swimming. The beauty of Hanna is more to feel than described. One, who visits Quetta, should go and feel the beauty of Hanna Lake.