Harappa-Historical place

Harappa is the important part of Indus Valley Civilization; it is situated in Punjab Province of Pakistan and is sited 35km on Southwest of Sahiwal. It was discovered in 1920s and is the first site of Indus valley Civilization. It is at a distance of 250km from Lahore the famous and busiest city of Pakistan.

It is always been the central of interest for students especially the one belongs to history, archaeologists and historian are searching for information related to Harappa since its discovery around 85 years ago.  It is studied that Excavations in Harappa revealed a civilization which was not outstanding in marvelous town planning but almost in every sphere of life and that is what attracts the students and create curiosity for tourists to know about the details.

This site has resemblance with another historical place Moenjodaro and is termed as the southern sister city. Moenjodaro evolve some 2000 to 1700B.C with economy largely founded on trade and agriculture.

Harrapan society appears to be egalitarian and purses a simple life style.  Its civilization unearthed numerous artifacts that give a glimpse into the way of life and their traditions, cultures, norms etc. The city clearly reveals that the people of Harappa used to burry dead bodies. There women are fond of rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and other adornment accessories. The skeletons founded were beautified with anklets, necklaces and beads in graves showing the real culture of Harappan people.

No doubt, Harappa is a civilized city having houses built with burned bricks having excellent drainage system; every house carries its own well and has integral parts of it as well. Roads of the city are wide and are linked with streets.

If you ever find a chance must visit this historical place you will feel close to the largest civilization of the world. It is the wonderful part of our past and clears many marvelous achievements by our ancestors. You will have a clear insight into the modern and progressive part of Indus Valley. Its museum carries bronze utensils, animal figurines and terracotta toys.

Journey to Harappa is very pleasant and it is accessible by roads and by trains easily from every part of the country by Lahore and Sahiwal cities having a distance of 250km and 35km respectively.

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