Hazuri Bagh (Hazuri Garden) Lahore

Hazuri Bagh is a one of the beautiful gardens in Lahore Pakistan. It is bounded by the famous Lahore Fort from east side. Badshahi mosque is on its west, the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh is on north and Roshnai gate on south. In the center, there is Hazuri Bagh Baradari.

Hazuri Bagh is the original serai built by Aurangzeb at the time when Badshahi Mosque was constructed. However, this traditional Mughal style designed marble baradari adorning the garden, is a Sikh building, which was put together on the orders of Ranjit Singh. Its Mughal character is a reminder of the material removed from Mughal monuments and reused here. The Baradari was built by Ranjit Singh in 1813 to celebrate the capture of the famous Kohinoor diamond from Shah Shujah of Afghanistan.

Original Hazoori Bagh was built on 45-foot and baradari was constructed with three-story square with a basement approaches by fifteen steps. During the fratricidal Sikh war, it was damaged extensively. On July19, 1932, the uppermost story also collapsed and was never constructed again.

Now this garden has become a very active place for the picnickers and tourists. They spend the whole day in this garden and admire all the beautiful massive constructions of Mughal era all around it. People usually come with families and have lunch together in this grandeur garden. Whenever you visit Hazuri Bagh, you will see that a large number of families are sitting in the garden making their rounds. Females are busy in gossips and laughing. Gents are playing cricket and shouting a lot. Kids are running here and there. Some couples are walking and a few are talking about the history of Hazuri Bagh.