Heaven On Earth – Lake Saif ul Mulook

If you’re in a real fairy tale mood or perhaps just want to go to place to feel love all around you, you should visit the pinnacle of angelic beauty, Lake Saif ul Mulook! Located in the north of Kaghan valley, N.W.F.P, this lake will radiate your soul and remain part of your memories forever. You can get there from Kaghan through a Jeep, even though the road to get there is very rusty, yet the end  destination is so bewitching that it will ensnare your senses in the right sense that is!  

But some tourists prefer to walk their way towards this captivating beauty which takes about 4-6 hrs. This lake is amongst the highest lakes in Pakistan. This lake is said to be magical because it is said that fairies roam by the lake at night! 




It is interesting to note that ‘The Guardian‘ ranked this lake as the 5th best tourist destination in Pakistan.It is a lake enclosed between two mountains formed naturally  by continuous storms and hurricanes. A glacier is also nearby this lake which you can  reach by travelling on a boat that goes over this heavenly lake.

A fairy tale is also associated with this lake because it is said that a Prince of Persia fell in love with a fairy on this lake. Some people say that you will find your own love story in this part of the world but if you don’t you will surely fall in love with this enchanting masterpiece of nature. Its like a vibrant painting with all the perfect colors to make you feel blissful and relaxed. You should visit this lake in summers i.e; in June or July but it will still be cold over there and its almost impossible to visit this lake in winters.

You could find all sorts of small inns selling tea and snacks. There are also photographers roaming in the area if you want to preserve your memories in a candid shot! The beauty of this lake can be truly seen in the reflection of the lake, because you see the ravishing mountains in this reflection which is a sight your eyes will not forget!

But this lake is not for swimmers, it is so cold, it can freeze your blood in a minute! You can explore the lake in about 2 hrs! Its quite a pity that this lake isn’t as famous as Niagara falls because of its inadequate publicity nevertheless anyone who’s been here will always cherish this nature’s miracle.