Hunza valley- most visited valley in Pakistan

Hunza valley is the most visited valley in Pakistan. It is also a fairy tale land and is surrounded by attractive snow capped mountains and rugged. It is a small town and 100 km away from Gilgit on a Kurakaram high way. It is the first stop or major town when you entered in Pakistan from China. It is at height of 7000- 8000 feet. Hunza valley is also called “Baltit”. In the center of the Hunza valley the area is known as “Karimabad” it is a town of 6 villages. On the main Karakorum highway Aliabada is the first main village when you enter from Gilgat. After Aliabad there is Baltit and Altit villages these are the heart of hunza valley. In these two villages there are two forts and a beautiful and interesting bazaar, and the one Baltit fort is re established and is converted into a beautiful guided museum. Hunza Valley is the most beautiful photogenic place in the world.

On the west bank of the Hunza River there is a town, and this valley is surrounded by beautiful and snow covered mountains that make the view more attractive and beautiful. You will found Snow leopard, yak, markhor, red striped, duck, fox and the Marco polo sheep there. The inhabitant makes use of irrigation to cultivate rice, crops, corn, vegetable and fruits. The shops in the main market of the Hunza Valley are full of dry fruits, apricot nuts, walnuts, Mulberry and etc. In the end of the bazaar there is Batit fort and village, it is re established with Agha khan fund for heritage and culture. Duikar is the most beautiful spot to view sunrise and it is about 10000 feet high from the seas level. You can very easily view 8 peaks 700 meters high from this area and every peak one by one get the sun light as the sun rises.