Hunza Valley-Tourist Attraction

One of the most important tourist attractions in Pakistan is Hunza valley; it is the true natural beauty in the world. It is located at the North of the Hunza River in Gilgat Baltistan, the total area covered by the Hunza valley is 7900 Square km. the beauty of this valley is due to the snow capped mountains like Hunza peak, Rakaposhi, Passu peak, Ultar Sar and etc. the height of all these mountains are 6000 meters. Living in the place like Hunza valley will be a real joy for those who love mountains. In Hunza valley you may feel like a part of the fairy tale, this place is truly a fairy land. Karimabad is the main town of the valley. Pakistan is in true sense a tourist paradise; it has many small valleys where there is great fragrance of alpine flowers.

Hunaza valley has large number of stunning and eye catching views and in the surroundings there are beautiful flowers, hospitable and friendly people and snow capped peaks. In Hunza valley visitors are welcomed with a fragrant breeze that provides a musical sounds when hit the poplar trees. The beauty of the valley is quenched with wheat fields that provide it very soft and velvety carpet at the foot of the snow capped mountains. Rakaposhi the most glorious mountain of the world is present in this valley, has a height of 7, 788 m. In this valley there are two historical signs that are Altit fort and Baltit fort. The name of the main town of Hunza valley is named after the name of Prince Karim Agha Khan. This town is a beauty in itself, there are some beautiful views that must be seen, and the interesting thing about the Hunza valley is that it has a literacy rate of 90%.