Hyderabad is a city, district and division in the Sindh province. Of the sub continent Hyderabad is one of the oldest cities. It is an administrative headquarters on the most northern hill of Ganjo Takkar rodge that is just east to the Indus River. Before the separation and creation of Pakistan Hyderabad was known as the “Paris of India”, as its roads were used to wash with perfumes every day. It was founded in 1768 by Ghulam Shah Kalhor, a sainty ruler of Sindh. This city was named after the name of Muhammad P.B.U.H’s son-in-law Hazrat Ali (R.A) also named as “Haidar”. It was also the capital of Sindh the capital was later on converted into Karachi. It is situated at latitude of 25.367 degree and at longitude of 68.367 degree with the height of 13m above sea level. It is situated on the east bank of Indus River and according to a rough estimation it is almost 150 km away from Karachi. It is 2nd largest city in Sindh, and with respect to population it is the 8th largest city in Pakistan. It has a population of about 1, 378,288. Two of the largest highways of Pakistan National Highway and Indus Highway join at Hyderabad. The most interesting bazaar of the country and also known as the longest bazaar in Asia is in Hyderabad. Two well arranged ethnological museums are there in this city one is “Sindh museum” and the other one is “institute of Sindhology museum”. Both these museums are the perfect picture of cultural and tribal life of Sindh. A visit to the Kalhora Monuments near to the city gate is a valuable visit. It is very beautifully embellished with frescos and glazed tiles.  From 18th and 19th century there are also two forts to visit.