Indus River Delta in Thatta

Thatta is most popular and ancient city of Sind province, Pakistan. It has great social and political history background. There are many historical places in Thatta. The most famous places are Maliki hills and its all monuments. The graveyard and tombs of Maliki hills are very popular according to their historical significance. The tomb of Diwan Shurfa khan is very famous tomb of Maliki hills. The other places of attraction in Thatta are Haleji Lake, Khajeer Lake, Shah Jahani masjid, Jhok Sharif, and shrine of Abdullah Shah Ashabi Makli. The kedonas (toys) of Thatta are very unique and amazing. These kedonas are getting popularity in all over the world due to their unique hand art. The specific Payar Kuzhambu also called as Aduki beans curry is very delicious and famous cuisine of Thatta.
The most important place of Thatta is Indus River Delta. It is very magnificent part of Indus River. The Indus River starts making delta near Thatta. The Indus river plain starts from Mithankot and extended to Arabian Sea. Indus River Delta is exact place where all the rivers of Pakistan fell into the Arabian Sea. It is very beautiful and exciting viewing point of Pakistan. Thousands of Visitors come annually to see Indus River Delta which is most extra ordinary amazing place of Pakistan. It is very huge and mighty water plain which create the most astonishing impression on viewers. You’ll really enjoy if you ever visit such a wonderful place. One of the most important and significant feature of Indus River Delta is mangrove forests. These forests are the excellent source of wood, coal, honey, and gum. These forests are situated along Indus River Delta. There are many other fish species live in Indus River but the Indus dolphin is the most precious fish found in Indus River Delta.